Is your dog just a little bit manky, or a total neat freak?

Is your dog just a little bit manky, or a total neat freak?

At Poop Dog, we are really proud of our fresh, long-lasting dog poo grass, and the feedback that we get on the quality of our dog toilets is something that makes us happy.

We love watching our Poop Dogs demonstrate absolute joy when we put the green, clean trays down in front of them – so much excitement! These pups simply won’t consider using grass that isn’t pristine. We get it, who wants a dirty potty?

Then we have the dogs who have astonished us. They look at the green grass - the cool, fresh patch and use it as somewhere comfy and cool to lounge on. Perfect to plant themselves on for a hot day, and we love the practical, alternate use, but furry friend parents usually aren’t happy to pay for fresh weekly grass daybeds.

Who knew that our amazing Poop Dog grass would be simply too clean and fresh? A spotless dog toilet is a nice problem to have, but a problem, nevertheless.

It’s a well-known fact that dogs like to mark their territories, so it makes sense that some dogs prefer to do a bit of marking over the top of another scent. This means that upon request, and only on request, we will ‘season’ a small spot of the grass toilet with a tiny bit of mud from a used tray. The super sensitive noses of these territorial dogs are able to smell what is undetectable to us, creating delicious aromatherapy for our furry friends, and a desire to use the grass almost immediately. No more potty issues.

Poop Dog really does want to provide exceptional service and hassle-free solutions. For homes, apartments or offices without an outdoor grass area, we want to help. The well-being of dogs is our primary concern, who wants to have to hold for 12-16 hours? But making life a bit easier, creating a bit more freedom for owners is a big win for us too.

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