Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a grass dog toilet subscription, why would I use Poop Dog? 

With other subscriptions, you change the grass, clean the tray yourself, and have to dispose of any packaging and old grass. Poop Dog not only delivers to your door, but we also change everything. You don’t have to do any cleaning at all. You just open your door, and we swap the old tray and grass for a fresh, clean tray of grass. Super-fast, timesaving, and easy. Poop Dog takes care of everything.

Why is there a $115 set-up fee?

It’s a bit like a once-off membership or rental fee that covers the lifetime delivery and tray maintenance. We aim to keep the amount low as possible, and you don’t have to purchase trays outright. The amount allows us to ensure that our trays are always in perfect condition, always looking great. They are dog toilets after all, and they can take some punishment! Even though they’re super tough, they do need to be replaced eventually. Where possible, we aim for the old plastic to be recycled back into the new trays.

It’s a bit more expensive than just a grass subscription alone, why is that?

Poop Dog provides a full service that includes fresh grass, delivery, removal of old grass and cleaning of used trays – it’s a premium service for people who don’t want to deal with the ‘eww’ factor of changing your grass yourself or worrying about disposing of yucky grass. It’s a bit like cleaning your own house, it’s cheaper to do it yourself, but who wants to spend their time that way?

Where does Poop Dog operate?

We currently service inner Melbourne, within 7kms of the GPO. You can enter you address on our website to check if we cover where you are. If your address isn't covered, please contact us as we are expanding our service area rapidly.

Can I just leave my used tray somewhere for you to change?

The Poop Dog service is to-your-door, so we need you to be home for the change. Leaving old trays out is risky, and tends to make neighbours cranky. We offer a wide variety of times to suit you being home including after-hours and Saturdays to make service super easy for you.

Who does Poop Dog service?

Anyone whose dog can’t freely get outside. Typically it is people who want a safe, clean and hassle-free toilet solution for their furry bestie. Apartments, townhouses, dog-friendly offices, pet hotels, groomers, vets, cafes, the list goes on. We provide fresh trays of real grass and change the whole thing over according to your chosen service option. It's great generally, but especially easy for hot or wet days.

What days can I get Poop Dog delivered?

We service all inner suburbs at least twice a week. If a particular day doesn’t suit, you should be able to find another option. We’re always happy to help, so if you’re unsure, or can’t find a suitable day or time, give us a call on 044 POOP DOG (0447 667 364), and we’ll see where we can slot you in.

Will Poop Dog change the grass of other companies?

Our grass and trays are a different size to other companies, so while we will happily exchange a competitor tray for a Poop Dog tray, we don’t have grass that fits competitor trays. We respect their product and product offering.

How long will my grass last?

There are a couple of factors. If you have a big dog, or the grass sits in the sun, then we recommend a weekly service. If you have a small dog, and the grass is in the shade during the hottest part of the day, you will easily get two weeks. We’ve had a lot of feedback that because our grass comes freshly harvested when placed in the trays, it stays green, and lasts at least twice as long as our competitors.

What if I want to pause or cancel my service?

Absolutely no problem. Just log into your account and cancel at any time. As per our T&C’s, we do appreciate a bit of notice so that we don’t waste grass, or have our team arrive for delivery/changeover and you’re not there.

Why aren’t there many reviews?

We’ve been quietly operating around Melbourne for a while, and as we grew, we got a fancy new Shopify website. Unfortunately developing online brand credibility takes a bit of time. We’ve been growing by word of mouth, and typically our customers aren’t big social media users, so all the online stuff is still building. We have some great businesses who are happy to vouch for us, so if you’re nervous about using us, just reach out and we’ll put you in touch with happy Poop Dog customers.