Poop Dog in the City

Poop Dog in the City

Here at Poop Dog, we are surrounded by dogs all day, every day, and we love it. It’s rare for us to encounter a grumpy or aggressive dog, they’re nearly all friendly.

Dogs in the city are quite different to country dogs. Country dogs usually have a great deal of freedom, a relatively quiet life unless they’re chasing sheep, and plenty of space to run around.

City dogs have usually adapted to the noises, smells, and constant stimulation, but if you live in an apartment, there’s not a lot for them to do.

Poop Dog is focused on dog wellbeing. It matters to us that dogs feel safe, have a comfortable place to relieve themselves, and that they get plenty of attention. Despite the fact that we provide indoor toilets, we also promote the importance of regular walks.

Walks aren’t just about exercise, they’re about stimulation, a change of scenery, and they’re an almost unrivalled level of fun for your dog!

Our dog wakes up at around 6.30am, grabs her ball and has a stare that persists until she hears the magic words, “Do you want to go..?”. She doesn’t even need to hear the end of the sentence, she’s already down the hall and at the door. There’s an impatient bark letting us know if we are taking too long to get to the door.

Then at the end of the day, usually around 4pm, the restlessness starts. The expectant look, the subtle side-eye, or not so subtle sigh.

We can honestly say that getting outside is just a good for us as it is for her. We aren’t always as excited to go, but the happiness of our beautiful girl outside of home is contagious. It’s such an important part of her life, and we want to give her the best life possible. Walks of varying lengths give her pure joy.

Just imagine if you were stuck inside with no change of environment, and nothing to do, that might feel a little like you might feel like you’re incarcerated. If your dog is anxious, yappy, or in any way exhibiting signs of stress, a walk will likely make all the difference.

After all, who wants to be locked up permanently?

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